We are open for cooperation with partners from different countries. Here are 7 reasons why our green buckwheat is beneficial for the seller and healthy for the buyer.

Reason No1.

Environmentally friendly product of the highest quality

Our buckwheat is grown on the territory of the National Park "Gauja" in clean environment, literally under protection of the state. The purity is laboratory-proven and confirmed by a certificate of quality of bioproduct.

Reason No2.

Выбор профессионалов

Our buckwheat is already being chosen by progressive restaurants in Latvia and other European countries. The best chefs know: green buckwheat destroys the myth that ‘healthy’ means ‘tasteless’. This is a product with a delicate nutty flavour, which is suitable as a side dish for various dishes, and is also used in salads.

Reason No3.

The demand for green buckwheat is growing inexorably

In Europe, green buckwheat is already bought more often than the usual one. This trend is growing and becoming steadier. As a rule, this product is chosen by people with medium and high incomes, who more often think about a healthy lifestyle and a natural diet.

Reason No4.

Smart packaging

Together with experienced designers, we have created an attractive, selling packaging certified by an European agency. We are ready to adjust the design and packaging materials in compliance to changes in market conditions and trends. QR-code is "incorporated” into the package, which allows you to get a recipe from a restaurant chef along with a visualization of delicious dishes. The packaging of the buckwheat comes with an attached show-box – box of 10 packs for more convenient selling at retail places.

Reason No5.

We advertise the product and the seller

To increase the popularity of our product, we intend to regularly hold various promotions using all available means: media, social networks, participation in public events for a healthy lifestyle, etc. In our advertising and PR promotions, we do not forget to mention our partners.

Reason No6.

Flexible approach to cooperation

We try to find a common language with sellers by finding mutually beneficial solutions, listening to them and taking into account their interests. As a rule, both parties are satisfied with the price of our buckwheat, the time and method of delivery, as well as the timing of payment. We believe that it is always possible to find an attractive and mutually beneficial solution. The ratio of price and quality of the product, as well as the terms of cooperation will not disappoint you.

Reason No7.

Taking part in the Healthy Eating Movement is beneficial

The seller of our products not only participates in the revitalization of society, but also benefits from attracting a progressive-minded, solvent audience. Green buckwheat itself carries knowledge about healthy eating.

Our motto: “Healthy food means happy family” We invite you to right now become an important part of the movement, which will soon become widespread. We are sure that there is a future for green buckwheat.

We hope that now you are assured that there are more than seven reasons for our cooperation.

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7 Reasons

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